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Nuclear Medicine Physician, Consultant (EECP, Thyroidology)

Dengue Fever in Kerala spreads like wild fire

Dr Ajith Joy K

The government of kerala even though in denial mood, cannot deny to itself that dengue fever the nemesis of kerala’s monsoon diseases has struck again and this time severely.  The method of diagnosis adopted today is fever with decreased platelet count in the blood, or fever recurring after 3-4 days, or with am increased level of serum IgM antibody ect.

All of these methods has a delay time of 3-4 days after the onset of dengue fever, and cannot make out if the current fever is due to dengue or a plane viral infection. DDRC Piramal Pathlabs has started daily testing of Dengue NS1 Antigen, which has the potential of diagnosing dengue fever on the first day itself. The test is done by a polymerase chain reaction and can pick up the ANTIGEN (Invading microbe) directly. This is possible because ANTIBODY towards the invading Antigen is produced only in about 3-4 days and there fore takes a minimum of 4 days for detection in the blood. Doctors rely on platelet counts, IgG (Antibody to old infection) and clinical signs to detect a possible dengue infection until then.

Now the availability of Dengue NS1 ANTIGEN has made it possible to diagnose dengue fever quiet accurately in this endemic region. This will help a careful approach to treatment and save 2 days which can be the difference in saving ones life. The test is priced at Rs 600/- lower than the Rs 750 package cost for dengue IgM & IgG ANTIBODIES.

Any one with fever could request for a test by contacting +919447776000 or mailing joyajith@gmail.com. Or contact the nearest DDRC Piramal Diagnostic Centre outlet to your location from 57 units across the state of kerala.

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